About us

About us

Invention and poetic imagination are the strengths of the work of Compagnia Corona.

Roberto Corona, actor and playwright, began his professional career in 1981. The company was founded in 1989 on the occasion of the winning of national award ETI Scenario. Collaborations with different artists and experimentation lead Compagnia Corona to win three other national awards, the last in 2004, and to have great recognition abroad.
In that year, thanks to the encounter with the actress and dancer Benedetta Brunotti, (formed with masters of Tascabile Theatre, bergamo), the Company starts an artistic career that brings it out from the proper spaces of theatre.
The new research leads to the creation of events and entertainment in the square, tying the emotions of the images to dance and to the mixture of contemporary music and opera live and conjugated with extreme fantasy and poetry, the ingenious invention of the unique machines created by Roberto Corona.

Thanks to the collaboration of dancers, musicians and singers of international level was achieved in 2006, the great event of the square: "Tempus Fugit." All the most important cities in Italy have presented the show in their white nights; numerous festivals and exhibitions have promoted it in the opening and closing of the events in Italy and abroad.

The lucky and rich artistic collaboration with Maestro Massimo Cottica (internationally renowned concert pianist and professor of chamber music at the Conservatory of Piacenza), bring the Company to collaborate with with some great orchestras, including the Orchestra Verdi in Milan. This is how the shows "Wolfi" (2005), chosen by European Mozart Ways (2011-2012) to bring the image of Mozart throughout Europe, "Quadri di un'esposizione" (2007) and "Ludwig" (2010), with the contribution of Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo.

Currently the director Roberto Corona and the artistic staff are working on the creation of new shows for big events, characterized, as usual, by spectacular costumes, by the contrast between electronic music and opera live and extravagant theatre machines.

Artistic originality and poetry are appreciated in numerous Italian and foreign press reviews. All information on this site www.corona-events.com

The Pillars of Society:

Roberto Corona, author, actor and director, working in the Children's Theatre and Theatre Research since 1981. Born as a designer, soon meets the world of the theatre:
First with the "Teatro del Sole" (Historical Society of Children's Theatre in Italian), then with the company "Corona Gherzi Mattioli" (recognized as one of the best groups of experimental theatre of the 90s) and currently with "Compagnia teatrale Corona ", developing and sharing his own original and creative line gratified by numerous awards in Italy, ETI-Scenario and ETI-Stregagatto and over again, most recently in 2004 as best actor; and abroad, where some of his texts are represented by fifteen years.

From his earliest performances supports social issues related to the world of childhood and youth, with the desire to communicate through the proposal of a theatre accessible to all, immediate, comic and poetic.

Its productive activity is also accompanied with an intense research work with groups of youngs in social centers, with groups of parents, teachers in schools, prisons and psychiatric facilities, often with the collaboration of psychologists and pedagogues.

Massimo Cottica approached the music and the piano thanks to the patience and educational and artistic talent of Pierluigi Bozzi and Alberto Colombo.

At the end of the academic training at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan he studied with André Marchand attending the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart, where he obtained a Higher Diploma of Specialization. At his piano training have contributed significantly Aldo Ciccolini and György Sándor and, for the composition, Bruno Zanolini.

Since 1985, he began a solo career in the Great Hall "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory in Milan accompanied by the Orchestra dei pomeriggi Musicali. He has collaborated with master classes taught by James Galway in Weggis (CH),with  Siegfried Palm in Perugia and he is an assistant courses hosted by Konrad Richter dedicated to German lieder.

He has won several national and international piano and chamber competitions and in July 1992 he was awarded the "Certificate of Merit" of Accademia Chigiana di Siena as composer.