Our History


Compagnia Corona is recognized in Italy as one of the most innovative and high quality theatre company. The original variety of the director and actor Roberto Corona, with its scenic inventions and the fine art of story-telling and improvisation, gave birth to shows absolutely original, both for writing and for the staging.

"The magic of the scene comes from the everyday experience and from special poetic effects steeped in irony. (...) The funny interpretation of characters and the unconventional use of objects and stage sets confirm the poetic world of the actor-author who is an unique case in the national overview."

                                                                                                                            From "Eolo" (theatre magazine)

Corona Theatre Company is also the winner of numerous awards, including:

ARBOL - Winner of the ETI / Scenery 1989

ARI ARI - Winner of the ETI / Stregagatto 1994

MUNECA - Winner of ETI / Stregagatto 1998

OZ - Winner of the ETI / Stregagatto 2004 as best actor